Out Misson
Our Mission

Our Mission

Gathering the like minded. Turning every great occasion into a celebration of an unconventional manner. Finding enjoyment in great gin. Rethinking tradition. Absorbed, distilled, modernised and modified. From one society to the other.

Our Story Our Story Our Story Our Story Our Story Our Story
Our Story
Our Story Our Story

Our Story

Rogue Society. From the bottom of the world comes a gin that’s turned tradition
upside down.

Liquid behaves differently in the Southern Hemisphere, and Rogue Society Gin is no different. Simply put, it took three likeminded chaps, from the bottom of the world, to embrace this behaviour.

They started a new conversation about gin, not by shouting, but by speaking discretely. A whisper in the ear here, a tactful chat there, putting those in the know, in the know, and then letting a superior product do the talking.

What it started was an artisan revolution and a respect for gin craft, introducing a socially receptive market to the subtleties of a well-made gin. Perceptions have shifted, Mother’s ruin is no longer.

Our Story Our Story
Our Philosophy Our Philosophy Our Philosophy Our Philosophy Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

What it is.

A meeting of liquid and people. An artisan dry gin with
a New Zealand slant. Combining craft with conviviality:
The Four Foundations.

Botanical Blend

Botanical Blend.

The perfect combination of 12 botanicals, secretly combined. Juniper to the fore, each note complimenting the next.

Tradition Moved On

Tradition Moved On.

Gin reimagined, but handcrafted the timeworn way. Passionately blended and patiently batch distilled in a hand beaten, 19th century, John Dore copper pot still.

Bravery Above All

Bravery Above All.

Dutch courage. Independence, freethinking, standing up for what we believe in. Throwing down the gauntlet to the unknown. Unbridled liberation from the norm.

A Curiosity

A Curiosity.

The social lubricant. A key to an unconventional occasion, unplanned, unscripted. Rediscovering the art of sociability.

The Combination The Combination
Our Combination
The Combination The Combination


The perfect combination of botanicals, 12 unique notes.
Each complementing the other, dancing together on the
tongues of the beholder. Measured. Precise.
Considered. Balancing the subtleties of citrus,
delivering time tested refreshment.
Fashioned for today. Unhidden. Unleashed.
Delivered. Combination is key.

The Combination The Combination
#5 The Approach The Approach

The Approach

Secret Combination

Patience. Trialed. Tasted. Tested. Masterfully finessed, refined and perfected. Committed to memory. Rewards reaped.


12 exotic botanicals. Pursued relentlessly. Sourced globally. Procured from spice merchants. Hunted, collected, then blended.


Exclusive batches lovingly handcrafted. Skilfully blended. A precise magic. Crystal clear Southern Alps waters, and exotic botanicals, collaborating artistically in a hand beaten 19th century John Dore copper still. Botanical fusion. The result. The finest gin.

The Approach
Liquid Liquid
Botanicals Botanicals
Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals
Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals


  • Lemon Peel

    Citrus / Spain

    Sharp, fresh,
    sweet & sour

  • Orange Peel

    Citrus / Spain

    Soft, sweet,
    refreshing & zesty

  • Coriander Seeds

    Seeds / England

    Delicate, warming with
    a touch of oriental citrus

  • Cardamon Pods

    Seeds / Guatemala

    Invigorating with hints
    of aniseed

  • Nutmeg

    Seeds / Grenada Island

    Warmin, comforting,
    sweet & spicy

  • Juniper Berries

    Berries / Italy

    Fresh, dry,
    crisp & herbaceous

Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals Botanicals
  • Cloves

    Flowers / Comoros Island

    Sharp, crisp, cleansing
    yet warming

  • Anegelica Root

    Roots / Poland

    Rich, earthy, herbaceous
    & sweet

  • Liquorice Root

    Roots / Italy

    Natual sweetner with
    woody undertones

  • Orris Root

    Seeds / Guatemala

    Invigorating with hints
    of aniseed

  • Cinnamon Sticks

    Bark / Sri Lanka

    Aromatic, earthy with
    hints of spice

  • Cassia Bark

    Bark / China

    Bitter, well-grounded
    and additional spice

Our Story Our Story

The Profile

To be enjoyed, to be savored. A palate pleasing shock to the system.
Your taste’s savior.


Bright. Crystalline.

Aroma (Nose)

Classic juniper, in an instant. Subtle floral hints of lavender & orange blossom follow close by. Deeper earthy tones of cinnamon bark & nutmeg arrive next, but be prepared for a fresh burst of multiple citrus to linger longer.

Taste (Palate)

Big, fresh nose with pronounced aromatic intensity. A place where juniper, orange peel, and deep spice dominate. Vibrant in the mouth. Citrus and juniper enjoy prominence. Smooth but crisp on the palate. Long, and flavour filled finish.


A warming sensation with continued juniper. Surprisingly long finish, coming back
with waves of orange & mixed floral notes. Dry Gin, at its prime.

Our Story Our Story
The Bottle The Bottle

The Bottle

A vessel worthy of the substance it conducts. Glass, fashioned and formed to protect. Design royalty.

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Gin Merchants

Daniel McLaughlin

Mark Neal

  • Co-Founder – Sales & Marketing Director
  • +64 21 753 581
  • mark@rsgin.com

Richard Bourke

Rogue Society Head Office

  • Level 2, 104 Richmond Rd
  • Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

New Zealand Distribution Enquiries

  • Hancock’s Wine, Spirit and Beer Merchants
  • 318 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland
  • NZ Free Phone: 0800 699 463
  • www.hancocks.co.nz

Export Enquiries

  • Contact Daniel McLaughlin
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